Supported Formats

Supported audio/video formats and codecs

Media playback in GeeXboX for Wii is performed by mplayer, which in turn uses ffmpeg to provide audio and video decoding. All formats and codecs supported by ffmpeg are therefore supported by GeeXboX for Wii. This means that nearly all of the commonly used container formats and audio/video codecs, including WMA9 (starting with 0.1beta1) are supported by GeeXboX for Wii. In addition, MPlayer also offers the possibility of dynamically loading non-open-source binary libraries for decoding
certain non-open codecs (see below).

Due to hardware limitation and/or codec code complexity, certain codecs can not be decoded fast enough, especially at high resolutions/bitrates, and consequently, audio/video artifacts/stuttering/desyncing might occur.

Supported subtitle formats

Mplayer in GeeXboX for Wii supports both major text subtitle formats (.srt, etc.) and vobsub subtitle formats (.idx/.sub). Support for .ssa text subtitles is not yet fully implemented. For vobsub subtitles, archived .sub file in .rar format is also supported.

Using non-open-source binaries

Starting with version 0.1alpha5, GeeXboX for Wii no longer guarantees the usability of non-open-source codec binaries in /GEEXBOX/codecs folder. The reasons are 1), the few available binaries may not actually work, as they were compiled against different glibc version using different gcc version; 2) ffmpeg already decodes these codecs natively and with little to no artifacts. In addition, unrar is now built-in with GeeXboX for Wii. Therefore, the following is only applicable for 0.1alpha4.

Due to licence restrictions, GeeXboX for Wii releases do not contain non-open-source binaries. If functions related to such binaries, as mentioned above, are desired, they can be downloaded from and The extracted files should be saved to /GEEXBOX/codecs folder.

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