General Note

GeeXboX for Wii allows for customization of many of its built-in features, most of them are detailed in this and other pages on this site. Customization generally requires editing of /GEEXBOX/settings and files in /GEEXBOX/etc folder. These files should be edited in *nix or, if Windows is used, in *nix-compatible text editors, otherwise desired effects may not be achieved and boot failure may occur.

Boot Mode

GeeXboX for Wii supports two boot modes: normal and debugging. Debugging mode provides a text console to debug various
problems, or if so desired, to use Wii as a linux machine. Input in debugging mode requires USB keyboard. To boot in debugging mode, edit /GEEXBOX/settings and change the value of ‘RUNLEVEL’ option to ‘debug’. Once in debugging mode, enter ‘exit’ to exit to GUI menu.

Language and Fonts

GeeXboX, through contribution by developers and users from all over the world, supports many major languages, and so does the Wii port. It is also possible to specify different languages for GUI menu and subtitles. To change menu or subtitle language, change the values of ‘MENU_LANG’ and ‘SUB_CHARSET’ in /GEEXBOX/settings. Do not confuse this subtitle language with the subtitle languages selectable in GUI menu. As the option name indicates, here language actually refers to the character set the subtitles are encoded in.

For certain languages, especially east-Asian languages, corresponding fonts must be provided. Consult /GEEXBOX/etc/lang.conf for the correct file name the font file should use. Alternatively, /GEEXBOX/etc/lang.conf can be edited to match custom font file name.

Fonts used by GeeXboX for Wii are stored in /GEEXBOX/usr/share/fonts folder. Fonts required for east-Asian languages should be copied here. For other languages, the default font files can also be replaced to change the GUI font. Please note that large-size font files should be avoided, as they take up too much memory space. Also, remember to delete any unused font files in the folder.

Keyboard Layout

This only concerns USB keyboard users. By default, ‘QWERTY’ layout is used in GeeXboX for Wii. To change to other layouts, edit /GEEXBOX/settings and change the value of option ‘KEYMAP’ accordingly. This feature is currently untested.


Boot splash screen of GeeXboX for Wii is hardcoded and not easily changeable. GUI background image (video actually) can be changed by replacing background.avi or background-wide.avi (for widescreen users) in /GEEXBOX/usr/share/mplayer. Please note that large-size avi files should be avoided, as they take up too much memory space.

Display Aspect

GeeXboX for Wii does not have the ability to autodetect whether widescreen mode is being used by Wii. Additionally, due to lack of hardware scaling, images output by GeeXboX for Wii is often in incorrect aspect ratio when displayed. To compensate for this, the value for option ‘MONITORASPECT’ in /GEEXBOX/settings can be modified. Some suggested values are provided for certain setups. Feel free to experiment with different values to achieve correct aspect ratio on your setup. If widescreen mode is being used by Wii, value of option ‘WIDE’ in /GEEXBOX/settings can be set to ‘yes’. This only affects the GUI background image though.

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