Media Sources

Front SD Slot

[IOS version] As of this writing, Wii’s front SD card slot is the fastest storage media available for use in GeeXboX for Wii (IOS). Hot-plugging is not supported. To change the card, use either the GUI menu or wiimote button commands and follow the OSD messages.

[MINI version] Hot-plugging is supported. At least some MMC cards are also supported.

USB External Storage

GeeXboX for Wii supports external storage devices connected through Wii’s backside USB interfaces, including flash disks, card readers, hard/optical drive enclosures etc. Other devices such as mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players and handheld game consoles are also theoretically supported if they can function as USB storage devices. Hot-plugging is possible, except for cards on card readers, which have to be plugged or unplugged while the card reader is detached.

Partition Type and File System Support

GeeXboX for Wii supports MS-DOS and Apple partition types, reads nearly all major *nix/Windows/Mac file systems and writes many of them, except exFAT, NTFS, UFS, etc.

[MINI version]Wii Native DVD

Native DVD support is currently incompatible with (at least some) modchips. The affected modchips have to be disabled for GeeXboX for Wii (MINI) to access DVD contents.

It seems that only DVD-R and pressed Discs are readable. This may or may not change in the future.

GeeXboX for Wii (MINI) only auto-mounts the disc (if present) during booting. To mount/unmount disc(s) after that, use the GUI menu options or wiimote commands. This only concerns non-DVD-VIDEO discs. It is not necessary to mount DVD-VIDEO discs, which can be watched using the ‘Play DVD’ menu item without mounting. GeeXboX for Wii (MINI) bypasses region protection and CSS encryption automatically.

LAN Shares

GeeXboX for Wii supports both *nix/Mac NFS and Windows (i.e. Samba) shares, as well as Plan 9 9p shares.

NFS and 9p shares are mounted at boot time. Source paths and mount points are defined in ‘nfs’ and ’9p’ files in /GEEXBOX/etc folder, repectively. Examples are given in these files for you to follow when defining your own shares.

Windows shares can be automatically found and mounted when GeeXboX for Wii is running. If username and/or password are set for these shares, they have to be specified in /GEEXBOX/etc/network. It is also possible to specify static shares to be mounted at boot time by following examples given in /GEEXBOX/etc/network. Please make sure that share priviledge and firewall rules are properly set up on the sharing host machine, otherwise the shares may fail to mount.

LAN UPnP Servers

GeeXboX for Wii supports accessing UPnP servers on local network. These include dedicated LAN UPnP devices, game consoles serving content using UPnP protocol, or PCs running UPnP server software. UPnP servers are automatically connected
or disconnected, depending on server status, while GeeXboX for Wii is running. UPnP support must be manually enabled by modifing /GEEXBOX/etc/network.

Network Streams

GeeXboX for Wii supports http/udp/rtp/rtsp protocol network streams, shoutcast/icecast network broadcasts, as well as extended .pls and .m3u playlists over http. These have to be manually defined in /GEEXBOX/etc/netstream by following the examples given therein.

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