USB Ethernet

  • Hardware

USB ethernet device support in GeeXboX for Wii is provided by linux kernel (2.6.31 as of this writing). Many adapters and PC-to-PC connectors are supported, including the over-priced adapter for Wii sold by Nintendo.

  • Setup

By default, GeeXboX for Wii will attempt to use DHCP to obtain IP address and gateway information, if USB ethernet device is detected and powered up. To use static IP address, /GEEXBOX/etc/network must be modified to provide the necessary
information. Values for options HOST, SUBNET, GATEWAY, DNS_SERVER and possibly DHCP_TIMEOUT must be correctly specified.

[MINI version] If you wish to use USB ethernet rather than native wifi, you must set PHY_TYPE to “ethernet” in /GEEXBOX/etc/network.


  • Hardware

Wii’s built-in bluetooth adapter is used for bluetooth networking in GeeXboX for Wii. For ethernet over bluetooth, remote PC or handheld devices should support bluetooth PAN. For obex over bluetooth, remote devices should support OBEXPUSH and/or OBEXFTP. Due to imperfections in current Wii USB host contrller driver, many bluetooth functions in GeeXboX for Wii are still buggy. The following services are disabled by default.

  • Ethernet over bluetooth

To enable bluetooth PAN, you have to modify /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez and specify correct values for PAN-related options. Prior experience with using bluetooth PAN, especially in linux, is recommended.

  • Obex over bluetooth

GeeXboX for Wii supports OBEXPUSH between Wii and remote devices. Pushed files received by Wii are stored in the folder specified in /GEEXBOX/etc/obex. Pushing files from Wii is currently only implemented for USB keyboard operation (pressing ‘B’ when file is highlighted), but adding it to wiimote operation is possbile and easy. Obex related configurations are stored in /GEEXBOX/etc/obex and some functions are configurable though GUI options menu.

  • Audio over bluetooth

GeeXboX for Wii supports streaming mono or stereo (A2DP) audio to bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth MAC address of remote device must be specified in /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez. Switching between normal audio and bluetooth audio is done through GUI
options menu.

[MINI version] Wifi

  • Setup

Wifi setup is done through specifying related options in /GEEXBOX/etc/network. If problems are encountered while connecting to AP/router using WPA encryption, different WPA_SCAN_SSID and/or WPA_AP_SCAN values can be tried. Note that wifi support is not yet perfect speed-wise (see this link).

Network Services

GeeXboX for Wii features built-in TELNET, FTP and HTTP server services, which run over any available USB ethernet, bluetooth PAN, or Wifi (MINI version only). They are disabled by default and can be enabled by modifying /GEEXBOX/etc/network.


There is no username/password set for TELNET service and clients will be logging in as root.

  • FTP

User name and password for FTP service are defined in /GEEXBOX/etc/ftp.

  • HTTP

The built-in HTTP server in GeeXboX for Wii serves only as remote control GUI interface. To modify or add content, files in /GEEXBOX/var/www can be edited.

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