• Setup

Wiimote is the default remote control device in GeeXboX for Wii. For unmodified versions, nothing needs to be changed to enable wiimote support. If in doubt, check that in /GEEXBOX/settings file, the ‘REMOTE=wiimote’ and
‘WIIMOTE=00:00:00:00:00:00′ lines are not modified or commented out.

  • Connection/Disconnection

When GeeXboX for Wii has booted successfully, press ANY button, except the ‘power’ button, on wiimote and it will automatically tries to connect to GeeXboX for Wii. If connection is successful, LEDs on the wiimote will flash and wiimote
will rumble for a short while.

The connection is automatically terminated by the power-saving feature of the wiimote after long periods of inactivity and can also be manually terminated by pressing the ‘power’ button. Reconnection is done by pressing ANY button, except the ‘power’ button, again.

  • Controls

Only single and combo button-pressings on the wiimote are received by GeeXboX for Wii to trigger specific events. Therefore, it is useless to point wiimote at the sensor bar, which is powered off by the way, or to wave the wiimote
in any fashion. Holding down button(s) will send repeated commands at a rate of about 4 times per second.

Detailed button commands can be viewed from the GUI ‘help’ menu. For customization of the commands, lircd_wiimote.conf and lircrc_wiimote files in /GEEXBOX/etc/lircĀ can be modified, which requires prior knowledge of lirc config file formats and is not advised for ordinary users.


  • Setup

GeeXboX for Wii supports keyboard control by default and such support does not conflict with other remote control devices. Therefore, it is not necessary to try to enable or disable such support.

  • Connection/Disconnection

USB devices are hot-pluggable in GeeXboX for Wii and USB keyboards are no exception. This is probably also true for RF wireless keyboards with USB receivers.

Bluetooth keyboards usually requires pairing before they can be used. To be able to use bluetooth keyboards in GeeXboX for Wii, the /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez file must be modified to set the correct paring key, specify the keyboard bluetooth MAC if targeted connection is desired, and uncomment proper HID-related options. Prior knowledge and experience of using bluetooth keyboards in linux is required.

  • Controls

GeeXboX currently only supports single pressing of basic keys. Combo keys and multimedia keys are not yet supported. Simplified information about keyboard control is available from GUI ‘help’ menu and /GEEXBOX/etc/mplayer/input.conf. More detailed but slightly outdated information is available at GeeXboX wiki.

Bluetooth Mobile Phones

  • Supported devices

Not all bluetooth-enabled phones are usable as remote control for GeeXboX for Wii. For an inexhaustive list of usable models, check out thisĀ anyremote page (GeeXboX for Wii does not use anyremote though). Models listed there as working in bluetooth AT mode should be usable.

  • Setup

Please note that 1), wiimote support will be disabled when mobile phones are used as remote control; 2), prior knowledge and experience of using bluetooth devices in linux is required for setup.

To specify mobile phone as remote control device, the first step is to edit /GEEXBOX/settings file and change the value of ‘REMOTE’ to ‘bluemobile’. For some (Sony)Ericsson models, it is also possible to set ‘REMOTE’ to ‘bte’. Then /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez file should be modified to set the default pass key and specify the bluetooth MAC and serial service channel of the mobile phone by setting the respective options to correct values. Finally, on the mobile phone, bluetooth should be enabled and the phone should be made discoverable and connectable. Consult the phone’s user manual for detailed procedures.

  • Connection/Disconnection

If setup is successful, upon booting of GeeXboX for Wii, you will be prompted on the phone to enter pass key for incoming connection. Enter the pass key specified in /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez and the phone will start to function as a remote

  • Controls

Only single key-pressing-releasing events are supported. Key definitions in the released versions are based on Benq-Siemens S68 and specified in lircd_bluemobile.conf and lircrc_bluemobile files in /GEEXBOX/etc/lirc folder. Edit these files to customize for other models. If the bte driver is used instead of bluemobile driver, edit lircd_bte.conf and lircrc_bte files in the same folder to customize. Prior knowledge of lirc config file formats is requried for such editing.


GeeXboX for Wii comes with built-in http server, which provides web-based playback control and is accessible through USB ethernet, bluetooth or wifi (MINI version only). The interface is straightforward and requires no explanation.

See the ‘Networking’ Page for more information about networking.

GeeXboX for Wii also supports, theoretically, remote control through lirc over udp. This is an untested feature and only advanced lirc users should attempt to make it work.

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