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Track Firefox Extension Installation and Usage Statistics Using Google Analytics

Browser extension developers often want to know how many people have downloaded their work and are actually using them. They may also want to know how often their users interact with the extensions, like accessing options/preferences etc. Although entities behind … Continue reading

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Using localStorage in Firefox Extensions for Persistent Data Storage

HTML5 introduced the ‘Web Storage‘ specification, which aims to provide a method for web developers to store data persistently on users’ local file system. By using the ‘localStorage’ object, key-value pairs can be stored (as strings) and persist through browser … Continue reading

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Accessing Operating System Clipboard in Chromium (Chrome) Extensions

Earlier this year, Webkit disabled clipboard access of web pages by default for security reasons (see this changelog and this bug report). Programming-wise, this means good old document.execCommand(‘Copy’) and document.execCommand(‘Paste’) will always return false. This is indeed quite understandable, and … Continue reading

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Setting a Default Zoom Level for Chrome Browser

Update (2012-5-19): On Chromium/Chrome 19, open ‘Settings‘, click ‘show advanced settings‘ at the bottom, scroll to ‘Web content‘, change ‘Page zoom‘. Amazon.com Widgets Update (2011-3-9): Google has released into the stable release channel Chromium/Chrome 10, which supports the global default … Continue reading

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