My Projects

Here is the list of all the open-source projects I’m managing:

GeeXboX for Wii – The linux-based media center GeeXboX (classic version) ported to run on Nintendo’s Wii game console. This project is in beta status and currently semi-active.

GeeXboX for PS3 – Similar to above, except the target platform is SONY’s Playstation 3 game console. This project is basically proof-of-concept work and for well-known reasons that SONY is totally responsible for, is currently inactive.

GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows – This is a small utility written in NSIS to provide GUI for installing/tweaking/uninstalling the GRUB4DOS boot loader/manager in Microsoft Windows (XP/2000 and above). It also provides some other related and useful functions.

SolusVM VPS Monitor – A browser extension for monitoring SolusVM-backed VPS status.

For discussions and support concerning the active projects, please visit the forum.