GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows 0.1 Documentation

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GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows 0.1

GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows

Usage Info

This software provides an easy way for installing and tweaking GRUB4DOS boot manager in Windows. You need a latest GRUB4DOS distribution (linked in the ‘Useful Links’ sidebar section on the right of this page) and administrator privilege for most of the tasks. Some of the tasks will write log messages to “GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows.log”.

After obtaining the zip file from the link above, extract the exe file into the folder where your downloaded GRUB4DOS files have been extracted and run it as administrator. You will be presented with a GUI allowing you to choose from the drop-down list one of the following tasks to perform :

GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows

1. Install GRUB4DOS to disk/partition using

This will install GRUB4DOS mbr/boot sector to selected disk/partition. For more detailed info on and its commandline options, please consult GRUB4DOS readme.

First select the target disk/partition to operate on. If necessary, you can change the target file name (default is grldr) and specify the commandline options you wish to use by directly inputting in the text area or using the dropdown list.

After ‘Do It!’ button is clicked, this software will call to test whether installation with specified options can be performed. If the test result is no, you will be presented with the error message from and you can modify the commandline options accordingly. Otherwise, you will be presented with the success message from and asked if you want to the program to perform the actual writing to device. If your answer is yes and the operation is successful, details of the installation will be written to the log file and a backup image file of the target device boot sectors will be saved.

You will have to manually copy the specified target file (grldr by default) to the selected disk/partition.

GRUB4DOS Toolbox for Windows

2. Restore disk/partition bootsector using backup image

This is basically the reversal of the previous task. You can use this task to revert a disk/partition to the state before installing GRUB4DOS with a backup image file saved by the previous task. If the operation is successful, relative info will be saved in the log file.

This task can be used to write any image file to specified disk/partition, but this should be done with extreme caution because a) no backup image is saved; b) if the image file is larger than the target disk, the trailing part will be discarded.