About GeeXboX for Playstation 3

Notice: This is a very old project built from very old sources. Due to SONY’s decision to remove otheros feature, it has become impossible for the developer to continue working on this project. Hopefully, the day will come when homebrew re-enables Linux support on post-3.15 firmwares.

Project Summary

GeeXboX is an open-source media center software package based on Linux and GeeXboX for PS3 is GeeXboX ported, UNOFFICIALLY, to run on Sony Playstaion 3 (PS3) game console.

Release Info

This is GeeXboX for PS3 version 0.1alpha0 (click to download). Being a prototype version, some functionalities are either missing or not working properly. However, the most fundamental functions, including audio/video playback, ethernet and wireless networking, sixaxis over usb and bluetooth, etc., are already in place.

WARNING: use *nix-compatible editors if you need to edit anything mentioned in the following steps!

Usage Info

1. Boot-loader:

GeeXboX for PS3 currently requires an otheros boot-loader to boot. Otheros is currently only available on ‘fat’ PS3 models running 3.15 or older firmwares.

You can either use petitboot or a custom bootloader. Both seem to provide instructions for installation.

2. Installation:

GeeXboX for PS3 can be run from USB storage devices, optical discs, otheros partitions on PS3, and for advanced linux users, from network shares.

To install, first extract the GEEXBOX and etc folds from the release archive to the root folder of your desired media. GeeXboX for PS3 can be booted from all major DOS/Windows and *nix partitons, as long as the boot-loader also recognizes them.

Next, change the “boot=” option value in /etc/yaboot.conf according to the following rule:

USB storage: “boot=/dev/sda” (default), or append partition number, e.g. sda1. If you know the UUID of the partition GeeXboX for PS3 is installed on, you can also set “boot=UUID=XXXX” (replace XXXX with your partition’s UUID).

PS3 otheros partition: “boot=/dev/ps3da1” for first partition, ps3da2 for second etc.

Optical discs: “boot=cdrom”.

Finally, set the video mode you desire. Guide is provided for calculating the mode value in etc/yaboot.conf, but you can also use the ‘safe’ or ‘auto’ options.

3. Control:

For best control experience, it’s better to use a USB keyboard (non-bluetooth wireless ones should also work).

If sixasix is used, USB and bluetooth modes are both working. Press PS to start. Sticks are disabled, please use arrow buttons to navigate the menu. Dualshock 3 may or may not work.

4. Customization:

Most customizations are done by editing files in /GEEXBOX/etc folder. Language can be changed by editing lang= option in /etc/yaboot.conf.