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Running OSQA with Nginx and uWSGI: VirtualHosting Mode with DynamicApps

Following on the previous post about OSQA installation, this post discusses the co-existence of OSQA with other WSGI-compliant web applications supported by uWSGI. As has been shown in the post linked above, installing OSQA with Nginx, uWSGI and SQLite3 on … Continue reading

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Installing OSQA with Nginx, uWSGI and SQLite3 on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) Minimal

OSQA is an open-source django-based implementation of the famous Stack Overflow Q&A community infrastructure. Its codebase was largely inherited from a Chinese project CNProg, which, for various unfortunate reasons, has closed its community site and virtually stopped development since earlier … Continue reading

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Accessing Operating System Clipboard in Chromium (Chrome) Extensions

Earlier this year, Webkit disabled clipboard access of web pages by default for security reasons (see this changelog and this bug report). Programming-wise, this means good old document.execCommand(‘Copy’) and document.execCommand(‘Paste’) will always return false. This is indeed quite understandable, and … Continue reading

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Setting a Default Zoom Level for Chrome Browser

Update (2012-5-19): On Chromium/Chrome 19, open ‘Settings‘, click ‘show advanced settings‘ at the bottom, scroll to ‘Web content‘, change ‘Page zoom‘. Widgets Update (2011-3-9): Google has released into the stable release channel Chromium/Chrome 10, which supports the global default … Continue reading

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HiMedia HD300A (RTD1073) TTL Serial Pinout

The other day I ordered one of those HD (which is conveniently capable of standing for both High Definition and Hard Drive) media player boxes. After roughly 2-3 years in the market, such products have really come a long way … Continue reading

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Running 2.6.36 kernels on SmartQ5

With the release of 2.6.35 kernel, basic support for SmartDevices SmartQ series MIDs has now been officially merged into mainline linux source trees ([1]). ‘Series’ here is certainly an overstatement, as there have only been two: SmartQ5 and SmartQ7. These S3C6410-based … Continue reading

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Merging Two PhpBB Forums Together

Browsing through my sourceforge account, I realized there still was a ‘zombie’ GeeXboX for Wii forum left there. I thought maybe I could merge the few posts there into the slightly more active and up-to-date GeeXboX for Wii forum and opt out … Continue reading

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Everybody else is blogging!

Now so am I!

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